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Preferred breakfast @ Subway – R: 5/6

25 Jun


If I could I would have the Italian B.M.T. for breakfast every day, but instead I have it on every other saturday. If I’m hungover this is a lifesaver. Already looking forward to next saturday! Where: Subway, Gr√łnland

My rating: 5/6
…I go back again and again. I really want to give this particular Subway a 6 (it’s that good!), but it’s against my own standards to give a fast-food chain a rating that high. ūüėź


Kj√łkken Og Bar – R: 4/6

24 Jun

Seems like all I’m doing these days is eat and eat and eat when I look at my blog. ūüėź
I’ve been to Kj√łkken og Bar @ M√łllergata/Youngstorget in Oslo before and had some average meals, so was (a bit) surprised to find their chicken burger so good (meaning better than average I guess). Me ad my feta-craving-friend-Inga asked for feta and it was a successful combination!


My rating: 4/6
…What I wanted when I ordered it. The feta was a nice touch, and should be implemented on the menu by the chef. The spot is great for a day out in the sun, so maybe that added to my rating. The draw-back was one “chewy” part of the chicken, and no flavor in the chicken.

Breakfast/lunch @ Dattera til Hagen

23 Jun

The plan was to try the avocado bacon sandwich, but the club sandwich won. I’m not sure about what the fried egg was doing there, but it was OK as I love to smear the running plum over bread (dark and tasteful)…

Chicken tasted like chicken, onion like onion, but mustard-aioli was more like plain aioli with too much mayo. Potatoes not too exciting. All in all a good and powerful combination.


My rating: 4/6

The ice coffee was delicious today (as it was yesterday!)

Setting: very colorful backyard diner in Gr√łnland with combination of table+chairs or couch+table.
Will go back.

Lunch @ Cafe Con Bar

5 Jun

I often come here, mostly for the club sandwich or chicken burger. Its intimate indoor setting is good for coffee/wine dates and in the summer they have an extensive outdoor sitting area. It can be difficult to get a seat indoors during the colder months as the place is fairly popular. This time I had a bacon omelette. Not the best I’ve tasted; bland and boring. Will not betray the chicken my next time here.



My rating:2/6 (the iced latte was great!)

Dinner @ Jacob Aall

30 Mar

This week me and my friend Inga enjoyed burgers @ Jacob Aall¬†(Majorstua). The drink menu was appealing, but I can’t have alcohol during the week so that will have to be a different post. I’m more of a chicken person, so maybe I should have gone for the chicken burger which looked very good both on paper and on the plate. Instead I had the Jacob Aall hamburger was juicy and well seasoned, although not spicy.

The potatoe wedges are not my favorite, but I liked the skins. The aioli was okay; too much mayo and too little garlic. I can’t make it myself so I shouldn’t complain. It disappeared during the meal.
We had our own little corner, and I think I will go back for  lunch menu (Salame Picante sandwich).


My rating: 4/6

Breakfast @ Villa Paradiso

18 Mar

Today I had pizza for breakfast!

I visited the Italian restaurant Villa Paradiso @ Gr√ľnerl√łkka, Oslo East.

 Indiavolata 169,- on the website, 171,- iRL.
         Tomato, fresh mozzarella, salame calabrese, olives, red onion, pecorino sardo and oregano.    

La Risacca 167,- on the website, 169,- IRL.
Tomato, fresh mozzarella, pancetta, gorgonzola, rocket and pine nuts          

Reading the list of ingredients raised my expectations. I love tomatoe, cheese, bacon, and anything vegetable/nut-ish. The Indiavolata was topped with beautiful fresh olives, but I think the olives combined with the salami gave the pizza a salty taste.

La Risacca was my favorite out of the two. All ingredients were fresh, and the crust was perfect (not too soft, not too crispy). The taste was average, but pine nuts on pizza is a nice touch I haven’t tried in this combination before.

All in all a nice meal, but average. The ingredients when combined seemed more tempting on paper than in my mouth. I might go again; just not for the pizzas. The feel of the place is positive and fun; I automatically get in the mood to chat as opposite to just having my meal and get out of there. That is what I like about most of the dining places in this entire area of town.

My rating: 3/6