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Burgerlicious diet-deal-breaker.

5 Jul

This is the story of the delicious-like-Angus-burger-I-once-ate-atRestaurang-Babar-in-Gothenburg; and I almost went to heaven.  In 2010 it was so good I went back to the restaurant two years later and ordered the same dish (at least I think so; last time the check only stated ‘burger’, this time it was called ‘Babar Cajun burger’).

Last time around it nearly killed me; I was bedridden for several hours after eating it, but it was totally worth it.
The same didn’t happen this time, but there was no room for desert.
The presentation was not all that, but the flavors in my mouth can only be described as YUMYUMYUM!!! Burger; juicy, pickles; great choice, fries; perfectly fried for my picky-fry-tastebuds, dressing; dressing-licious, salad; fresh, dip; the best part.

So if in Gothenburg and you crave for a juicy tasteful burger or a perfectly fried fry (IMO very hard to find); go to Restaurang Babar (located @ Avenyn; opposite Scandic Rubinen hotel). From the looks of it it the restaurant doesn’t look like it has one of the best burgers known to mankind; but let it surprise you.

My rating: 5/6
…I would go back next time as well if in mood for a burger, because I know this one doesn’t disappoint. Although I probably won’t go back next time, because by then  it will be time to move on.


Kjøkken Og Bar – R: 4/6

24 Jun

Seems like all I’m doing these days is eat and eat and eat when I look at my blog. 😐
I’ve been to Kjøkken og Bar @ Møllergata/Youngstorget in Oslo before and had some average meals, so was (a bit) surprised to find their chicken burger so good (meaning better than average I guess). Me ad my feta-craving-friend-Inga asked for feta and it was a successful combination!


My rating: 4/6
…What I wanted when I ordered it. The feta was a nice touch, and should be implemented on the menu by the chef. The spot is great for a day out in the sun, so maybe that added to my rating. The draw-back was one “chewy” part of the chicken, and no flavor in the chicken.

Best club sandwich in town

10 Jun

Cafekontoret is my favorite for club sandwich in Oslo. The sandwich consists of their own delicious herb bread, topped with fresh sliced chicken, bacon, onions, and the always-fresh-and-tasteful aioli. Personally I don’t like potatoe wedges, but I like peeling off the skin to dip in the aioli. I love to dip.

A lot of different people come to this laid back diner; for both drinks and meals. The only draw-back is that they don’t have outside serving, so if you want to enjoy a beer in the sun after your meal you’ll have to find some other place.

Price tag: 129 NOK

My rating: 5/6
The club sandwich in itself is a 6/6, but the side dish not so much.


Breakfast @ Villa Paradiso

18 Mar

Today I had pizza for breakfast!

I visited the Italian restaurant Villa Paradiso @ Grünerløkka, Oslo East.

 Indiavolata 169,- on the website, 171,- iRL.
         Tomato, fresh mozzarella, salame calabrese, olives, red onion, pecorino sardo and oregano.    

La Risacca 167,- on the website, 169,- IRL.
Tomato, fresh mozzarella, pancetta, gorgonzola, rocket and pine nuts          

Reading the list of ingredients raised my expectations. I love tomatoe, cheese, bacon, and anything vegetable/nut-ish. The Indiavolata was topped with beautiful fresh olives, but I think the olives combined with the salami gave the pizza a salty taste.

La Risacca was my favorite out of the two. All ingredients were fresh, and the crust was perfect (not too soft, not too crispy). The taste was average, but pine nuts on pizza is a nice touch I haven’t tried in this combination before.

All in all a nice meal, but average. The ingredients when combined seemed more tempting on paper than in my mouth. I might go again; just not for the pizzas. The feel of the place is positive and fun; I automatically get in the mood to chat as opposite to just having my meal and get out of there. That is what I like about most of the dining places in this entire area of town.

My rating: 3/6

Hard Rock Cafe – over priced

18 Mar

Hard Rock Cafe in Karl Johan is ridiculously over priced, just so you know. The portions are GRANDE, but I’d rather pay less for less.

There is nothing decent on this menu under 150 NOK! If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were at a gourmet place by looking at the prices. Going here when I was on the border to broke was a really bad idea. There. The food is mostly interesting.

My Honey Sitrus Grilled Chicken Salad (192 NOK)
My rating: 3/6 (would have been better without the blue cheese crumbles)

Hard Rock Nachos (139 NOK) pay extra for meat

T.G.I.Friday’s is better for a slim wallet.

Maaemo in Oslo gets two michelin stars

14 Mar

The Norwegian restaurant Maaemo went from zero to two stars! You can visit their blog here.

Bagatelle regained its first star, and one star was also given to the restaurants Statholdergaarden, and Oscarsgate.


Source: Businessweek, Michelin