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Shopping in Gothenburg! – R:5/6

4 Jul

Like I wrote in my previous blog post; I travelled to Gothenburg this past weekend! It takes less than four hours by bus (but when you travel coach it always feels like more).

The goal was to spend money, because I don’t like the idea of my money turning old. We’ve both been to Gothenburg before, so we knew where to shop for what. Like you need a map or something… (in case you do there’s one at the bottom of this post!) The city is compact and easy to navigate (at least if you bring someone with a sense of direction or possess one yourself).

The shopping in this town suits both small and medium wallets. The cost is lower than in Norway, AND a lot of the stores are open on sundays.

Shopping main areas

Nordstan is fine if you like the typical chain stores you find anywhere else. Over 180 shops. I don’t have any favorites here, but occasionally I find something at Saint Tropez, and it’s always possible to find something at Åhlens City.
My rating: 3/6
…Why go here if you have the same at home?!

Around Östre Hamngatan you find more exclusive shops, with clothes from Swedish designers, and more. The shopping center NK is located in Fredsgatan and offers the best shopping in town. Mango, Tara (Current/Elliott and more), and Zara are found at #1. Other more wallet-friendly shopping centres around the area include Citypassagen, Kompassen, and Arkaden.
My rating: 5/6
…A lot of different designers and cool stores located next to another.

Kungsgatan offers the store Brands which sells Replay and Twenty8Twelve, but not much more. This store was better one year ago; at least for female clothing. Other stores in this street include common ones like H&M + Carlings.
My rating: 3/6
…Not much to see here that you haven’t already seen before, on everyone else.

One of my favorite Swedish stores for classy, yet fun basics is Twist & Tango; found at Vallgatan, and the outlet (not visited!) at Haga Östergatan.
My rating: 4/6
…This is the place to find some of the cooler unique-to-Sweden clothing stores.

Avenyn is better for food and drinks than its shopping. It’s basically the same shops (only less), except for maybe Fred Perry which I don’t think you’ll find anywhere else in Gothenburg. My favorite restaurant in Gothenburg; Babar is located here. It’s a sportsbar, but it will suprise you if you let it.
My rating: 3/6
…If it’s coffee, atmosphere, and one pair of shoes that you want.

What else is good about Gothenburg?
The people, the food, the structure of the town; when you’re in the shopping streets expect shopping. The coffee’s and beers are enjoyed on seperate squares.

Expect cobblestone roads, varied shopping, friendly and trendy people, tasteful and fresh food, average drinks, and lots of tempting delicious candy!

Safe to say my goal was accomplished, but not to the nines. I left Gothenburg happier, more content, and with less money.

My colored shopping map


Beer prices in Oslo – R: 5/6

24 Jun

Beer in Oslo is not cheap; Oslopuls.no just published an unofficial ‘beer-barometer’ presenting prices from over 60 beer-serving-places in Oslo. Not suprisingly; Lekter’n is topping the list. My impression is that if you’re from out of town visiting you very likely could end up here; Aker Brygge has a great view; fully exposed to the sun; and there’s a lot of space on the boat. If you don’t want to hang around forever to find a place to sit on the nearby places then Lekter’n is a good choice.

Photo is from a cheaper pub on the other side of town: Oslo Mekaniske Verksted

My rating of this list: 5/6
… An informative, up-to-date, and extensive list that I in theory could have a lot of use for. In reality I usually buy apple martini’s and cosmo’s when I’m out; while I enjoy Pale-Ale’s at home.



Best club sandwich in town

10 Jun

Cafekontoret is my favorite for club sandwich in Oslo. The sandwich consists of their own delicious herb bread, topped with fresh sliced chicken, bacon, onions, and the always-fresh-and-tasteful aioli. Personally I don’t like potatoe wedges, but I like peeling off the skin to dip in the aioli. I love to dip.

A lot of different people come to this laid back diner; for both drinks and meals. The only draw-back is that they don’t have outside serving, so if you want to enjoy a beer in the sun after your meal you’ll have to find some other place.

Price tag: 129 NOK

My rating: 5/6
The club sandwich in itself is a 6/6, but the side dish not so much.


Finally grilling season in Norway

7 Jun

This past weekend part of the roof top of my block burnt down. Apparently the fire alarms were all on strike.

I was homeless for about four hours before I got to return to my all-new-bonfire-smelling-warderobe.

I’m investing in a Dropbox. Right now.

Watch my video @ Youtube

May 17 – Norway’s Constitution Day

17 May

Fun because:

1. _Everyone_ is out in the streets celebrating
2. It’s obligatory to eat ice cream, preferably with lots of whipped cream and strawberries
3. You drink champagne for breakfast
3. People get dressed up, and most Norwegians wear their bunads.
4. It’s a national holiday. Yay for red calendar days.

Pictures are from Oslo, today


Colors of Northern Norway

8 May

Where to stay in Turkey…

20 Apr

Narrowing it down, day by day…

Image credit: www.goturkey.com

– Too crowded. Not considering.
+ Cheap flights.

+ Good beach, but packed.

+ Kaputas beach with clear waters (3 km or 10 minutes). Small, but not too crowded.

+ Close to Patara beach (which is wavy)
+ Kaputas (small) beach with clear waters (7 km)

– Thomas already went there; thinks it’s OK.
+ Close to Rhodes!
+ Close to Turkish town Fethiye, Greek village Kayaköy

+ A friend recommends this.
+ Over 50 % of reviews/tips I’ve read recommend this over other places in Turkey.
– Same friend says two weeks here might be boring.
+/- 1 hour to Marmaris.
+ #1 beach destination in Europe!!
+/- Most famous + popular

+ One if Turkey’s finest beaches.
+/- Laid back village

+ Two friends recommend this.
– Read some bad posts, stating the place is dirty.
+ 2nd longest beach in Turkey, calm waters

I just want an awesome villa close to an idyllic clear beach close to a somewhat-lively-not-too-touristy Turkish town/village. 🙂

Note to self
Visit Butterfly Valley and Turtle beach by boat.

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Photo: Ownersdirect.co.uk