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Kjøkken Og Bar – R: 4/6

24 Jun

Seems like all I’m doing these days is eat and eat and eat when I look at my blog. 😐
I’ve been to Kjøkken og Bar @ Møllergata/Youngstorget in Oslo before and had some average meals, so was (a bit) surprised to find their chicken burger so good (meaning better than average I guess). Me ad my feta-craving-friend-Inga asked for feta and it was a successful combination!


My rating: 4/6
…What I wanted when I ordered it. The feta was a nice touch, and should be implemented on the menu by the chef. The spot is great for a day out in the sun, so maybe that added to my rating. The draw-back was one “chewy” part of the chicken, and no flavor in the chicken.


Another day, another burger

30 Mar

Another day, another burger. I guess I’m not on a diet at the moment.  The dinner menu looks more tempting than the lunch menu @ Kjøkken & Bar. The place can get crowded, but most times I see people enjoying drinks here. The place is modern, and the staff professional. I still don’t like potatoe wedges. I don’t know where the salad had hidden, or maybe it was the tomatoe on top. The herb mayo was not great. I don’t like to taste the mayonaisse in food containing it, but I guess that is my problem I ended up pouring salt & pepper all over the dressing and the chicken burger (which was good, but tasted plain chicken). If you like well prepared fresh food, but not a lot of flavor I guess this is as good as it gets 🙂

My rating: 3/6

Hard Rock Cafe – over priced

18 Mar

Hard Rock Cafe in Karl Johan is ridiculously over priced, just so you know. The portions are GRANDE, but I’d rather pay less for less.

There is nothing decent on this menu under 150 NOK! If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were at a gourmet place by looking at the prices. Going here when I was on the border to broke was a really bad idea. There. The food is mostly interesting.

My Honey Sitrus Grilled Chicken Salad (192 NOK)
My rating: 3/6 (would have been better without the blue cheese crumbles)

Hard Rock Nachos (139 NOK) pay extra for meat

T.G.I.Friday’s is better for a slim wallet.