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Best club sandwich in town

10 Jun

Cafekontoret is my favorite for club sandwich in Oslo. The sandwich consists of their own delicious herb bread, topped with fresh sliced chicken, bacon, onions, and the always-fresh-and-tasteful aioli. Personally I don’t like potatoe wedges, but I like peeling off the skin to dip in the aioli. I love to dip.

A lot of different people come to this laid back diner; for both drinks and meals. The only draw-back is that they don’t have outside serving, so if you want to enjoy a beer in the sun after your meal you’ll have to find some other place.

Price tag: 129 NOK

My rating: 5/6
The club sandwich in itself is a 6/6, but the side dish not so much.



Sunday morning walk in Oslo East

18 Mar

All rested at 9:30 am after five hours of sleep doesn’t happen to me that often, nor does it happen often that I get up this early on a sunday. Oslo looks so different to me when it’s quiet and people are still sleeping (or indoors, what do I know), compared to the vibrant city I am used to.

I had to act like I was tourist to not be frowned upon for taking pictures of the city I live in, but I guess it is like this most places.