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Finally grilling season in Norway

7 Jun

This past weekend part of the roof top of my block burnt down. Apparently the fire alarms were all on strike.

I was homeless for about four hours before I got to return to my all-new-bonfire-smelling-warderobe.

I’m investing in a Dropbox. Right now.

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Lunch @ Cafe Con Bar

5 Jun

I often come here, mostly for the club sandwich or chicken burger. Its intimate indoor setting is good for coffee/wine dates and in the summer they have an extensive outdoor sitting area. It can be difficult to get a seat indoors during the colder months as the place is fairly popular. This time I had a bacon omelette. Not the best I’ve tasted; bland and boring. Will not betray the chicken my next time here.



My rating:2/6 (the iced latte was great!)

May 17 – Norway’s Constitution Day

17 May

Fun because:

1. _Everyone_ is out in the streets celebrating
2. It’s obligatory to eat ice cream, preferably with lots of whipped cream and strawberries
3. You drink champagne for breakfast
3. People get dressed up, and most Norwegians wear their bunads.
4. It’s a national holiday. Yay for red calendar days.

Pictures are from Oslo, today


Colors of Northern Norway

8 May

Most boring palace in Europe?

16 Apr

One of the main attractions in Oslo is the Royal Palace, which from the front consists of empty space and a dirt road. Unknown renovation spoiling the scene. Is this the most boring palace in Europe? The palace itself looks a bit like a worse miniature of Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin, but the greenery is nothing like the Gardens of Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin!

The Royal Palace Park is inviting during the day, especially during the summer when the colors pop out. During the night this park  has been associated with assaults, although no worse than than in most American cities and towns.


Market in Bogstadveien

15 Apr

I was looking forward to see Bogstadveien emptied for cars and trams, as this is the best shopping street in Oslo with its great variety of both chain store fashion + designer labels. Twice a year there is a ‘car free’ Market in Bogstadveien. The next one will be in October. Too bad the cars and trams were replaced with 15x as many people, with their baby strollers ready to attack at any time.

Yesterday (April 14th) the long shopping street was filled with stalls, offers, eager bargain seekers, as well as parents(?) with baby strollers. The latter moved around with the speed of snails, constantly making abrupt and inappropriate stops in the middle of the road. I was run over by an empty twin stroller, which a woman was racing downwards the street. I felt like I was in the middle of a war zone. Maybe I’ll bring a stroller next time just for the extra space.

I was disappointed not to find any great clothing bargains; mostly the offers were for last seasons wool sweaters, or from the cheaper chain stores that pretty much give their clothes away for free anyway. Ended up buying Redken hair products + ham!

My verdict: 3/6
I don’t think I’ll go again as I returned home with more bruises than new clothes.

Kautokeino – A series of pictures // April 2012

13 Apr