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Bygdøy museums – how to spend money in Oslo

22 Jun

When the weather is sunny Bygdøy is good for three things; museums, café’s, and a small beach.

If you like hemp and bamboo then the Kon-Tiki museum is great. The original Kon-Tiki raft is on display inside the museum, and there is a b&w movie going on repeat in the cinema. Not highly interesting, but it’s there. There’s some-sort-of-weird-fish-attraction in the basement supposed to appeal to children(?); a big plastic fish hanging from the ceiling.

Buy an OsloPass before going if you plan to visit more than one museum…



Most boring palace in Europe?

16 Apr

One of the main attractions in Oslo is the Royal Palace, which from the front consists of empty space and a dirt road. Unknown renovation spoiling the scene. Is this the most boring palace in Europe? The palace itself looks a bit like a worse miniature of Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin, but the greenery is nothing like the Gardens of Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin!

The Royal Palace Park is inviting during the day, especially during the summer when the colors pop out. During the night this park  has been associated with assaults, although no worse than than in most American cities and towns.


Sunday morning walk in Oslo East

18 Mar

All rested at 9:30 am after five hours of sleep doesn’t happen to me that often, nor does it happen often that I get up this early on a sunday. Oslo looks so different to me when it’s quiet and people are still sleeping (or indoors, what do I know), compared to the vibrant city I am used to.

I had to act like I was tourist to not be frowned upon for taking pictures of the city I live in, but I guess it is like this most places.