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Beer prices in Oslo – R: 5/6

24 Jun

Beer in Oslo is not cheap; just published an unofficial ‘beer-barometer’ presenting prices from over 60 beer-serving-places in Oslo. Not suprisingly; Lekter’n is topping the list. My impression is that if you’re from out of town visiting you very likely could end up here; Aker Brygge has a great view; fully exposed to the sun; and there’s a lot of space on the boat. If you don’t want to hang around forever to find a place to sit on the nearby places then Lekter’n is a good choice.

Photo is from a cheaper pub on the other side of town: Oslo Mekaniske Verksted

My rating of this list: 5/6
… An informative, up-to-date, and extensive list that I in theory could have a lot of use for. In reality I usually buy apple martini’s and cosmo’s when I’m out; while I enjoy Pale-Ale’s at home.




Recording songs @ Popsenteret

25 Mar

This weekend me and a friend visited Popsenteret in Oslo.

It showcases Norwegian pop history from 1904 till today, with old memoribilia, instruments, and pictures on display.There are also videos running throughout the exhibition. As you can see from the pictures the light setting was flashy, and a lot of neon colors were used. The most fun we had was recording two songs in one of the ‘studios’. Since both of us apparently are tone deaf I won’t post the link to the MP3 here, but I uploaded the cover for one of the songs!

A fun and informative exhibition with opportunity to interact, as well as a staff that pointed us to the best parts of the attraction! I am thinking about going there again for one of their upcoming exhibitions. Unfortunately all the texts and exhibitions are in Norwegian. I’m not sure why as I think non-Norwegian could enjoy this attraction as much as us. There is a ‘time machine’ showcasing different eras with interactive posters, windows, and table settings that changed with the era, and for this part you don’t need to know Norwegian.
Cost: 90 NOK

The center is part of Schous cultural brewery, so when we were done with the ‘sightseeing’ we headed to the Schouskjelleren for local Pale Ale, but the one with citrus that wasn’t brewed at Schous was much better. 🙂