Breakfast @ Villa Paradiso

18 Mar

Today I had pizza for breakfast!

I visited the Italian restaurant Villa Paradiso @ Grünerløkka, Oslo East.

 Indiavolata 169,- on the website, 171,- iRL.
         Tomato, fresh mozzarella, salame calabrese, olives, red onion, pecorino sardo and oregano.    

La Risacca 167,- on the website, 169,- IRL.
Tomato, fresh mozzarella, pancetta, gorgonzola, rocket and pine nuts          

Reading the list of ingredients raised my expectations. I love tomatoe, cheese, bacon, and anything vegetable/nut-ish. The Indiavolata was topped with beautiful fresh olives, but I think the olives combined with the salami gave the pizza a salty taste.

La Risacca was my favorite out of the two. All ingredients were fresh, and the crust was perfect (not too soft, not too crispy). The taste was average, but pine nuts on pizza is a nice touch I haven’t tried in this combination before.

All in all a nice meal, but average. The ingredients when combined seemed more tempting on paper than in my mouth. I might go again; just not for the pizzas. The feel of the place is positive and fun; I automatically get in the mood to chat as opposite to just having my meal and get out of there. That is what I like about most of the dining places in this entire area of town.

My rating: 3/6


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