Koh Samui restaurants

17 Mar

Koh Samui has been chosen as #10 Food & Wine destination in Asia in 2011 by TripAdvisors’ travelers.


While I haven’t been anywhere else in Asia (if you don’t count Cyprus to be part of Asia, and you probably don’t), I definitely understand why Koh Samui is holding this spot. The food was terrific! Even when dining at the most questionable restaurants with the menu’s coming apart and dead flies in the rice (only happened once, and was actually quite disgusting) the Thai food served was delicious!

Below is a list of restaurants we ate at (excluding the highly overrated Spirit House):

Bo Phut restaurants

Massaman Curry @ The Pier
When in Norway I never get potatoes with my massaman orders, but it was definitely a nice touch. The mildest portion of massaman I had in Koh Samui.
My rating 3/6

Panang Curry @ Enjoy Restaurant & Hotel
The only meal I didn’t write any notes about… I remember eating it all, drinking three bottles of water to be able to get up from my chair and move, and then going home and passing out.
My rating: 4/6

Beef appetizer @ Enjoy Restaurant & Hotel
Tasteful, but a bit hard to chew. Quite heavy meal in itself. Gave me new ideas for tapas nights.
My rating: 3/6

Yellow Curry noodle @ The Smile House
We decided to end our meal at the restaurant we had our first Koh Samui dinner. It was very tasteful, delicious, and HOT! I tried so hard to get through the entire meal, but it wasn’t possible. For the taste and how the meal is put together I would want to rate this six, but it was just too spicy.
My rating: 5/6

 Panang Curry @ The Pier 
Once more with feeling.  Best panang I had. How could I not know about Panang Curry before coming here? Now all I can think about is Panang Curry. My rating: 6/6

Chaweng restaurants

Grill Lobster @ The Page, The Library hotel
The most expensive meal bought at a restaurant in Koh Samui. 1650 BHT to be exact. Lobster with garlic.
Thomas’ rating: 5/6

Goong Pad Normai @ Poppies
Thomas’ rating: 5/6

Kao Soi @ Poppies
Northern noodles with chicken and yellow curry. I love noodles. I love chicken. I love yellow curry. Exciting, and very tasteful. Maybe my best meal in Koh Samui!
My rating: 6/6

Massaman curry @ Ivory restaurant
So this is what Thai fast-food looks like. Only it wasn’t served fast at all. The most boring meal any of us had while in Koh Samui.
My rating: 3/6 (and I’m being nice)

Massaman Curry @ 56
OK, I am not impressing myself with being adventurous with the curry options, but I can’t help that this dish is as good as it is. Served with potatoes, a bit different than what this dish regularly tastes like. It was a real shame I couldn’t have it all. I wish I could wrap up the chef in a bag and bring him here to cook for me.
My rating: 5/6

Green curry @  Smile House
The place where we started our Koh Samui food romance. I wrote “heavenly” and “strong” in my travel diary.
My rating: 5/6

Lamai restaurants

Green Curry @ Coast restaurant, Lamai Wanta beach resort
The meal was mediocre, maybe not as fresh as other places, but this is a meal you have on the go (restaurant set on the beach). This is where I was served rice-with-insect, but what really drew the score down to a three was the lack of chicken in the soup. I don’t mind the bugs as long as they’re fried (or steamed)… My rating: 3/6

Tom Yam Kai @ Catcaxtoo Bar & Grill
I wanted to try something different, and got it. This meal was great for breakfast; light, warm, and tasty . It doesn’t look so inviting in the bowl (and some stuff was galantly picked out), but the lime juice is such a delicious base. My rating: 3/6


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  1. Thomas March 19, 2012 at 9:15 pm #

    Massaman er den beste curryen!

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