Beaches of Koh Samui

17 Mar

From left to right:

Chaweng beach
Surprisingly our favorite beach. It has the clearest water of all the beaches we visited in Koh Samui (but cannot be compared to the crystal clear waters of neighbor island Nan Yang). The water is very shallow about 50 – 100 m out. The water is cleaner the farther south you are.

Bo Phut beach
At first sight this beach seems pretty dull and not worth getting in. The boats and occasionally fishermen spoil the view, but the water is clean and good for swimming. There is a steep slope, and it gets deep quick. The water is not clear. With very few hotels and mostly restaurants situated along the beach, you don’t have to share the waters with many others.

Bank Rak beach
I don’t know why you would go here if you could choose to go somewhere else. There’s a lot of traffic in the water, and it’s not clearer than anywhere else.

Lipa Noi beach
We were so excited to arrive at this beautiful calm beach (below Nicki Beach resort) with nearly noone swimming here. After staying in the water for about five – ten minutes we felt like we were being continuously “stung” all over our bodies. Needless to say, we got out the water very quick. It was such a let down. I’m nut sure what caused this “stinging”, but we saw a lot of plantation flowing on the top of the water (maybe from the trees?) and we figured this was why we didn’t see many others in the water. If it hadn’t been for the pain we endured in the water, I think this would have been our favorite beach on the island.

Choeng Mon beach
A calm and idyllic beach, but the downside are the huge rocks which especially on the south side make it almost unbearable to stay in the water.

Lamai beach
This is supposedly a lot of the locals’ favorite beach. We went here a couple of times and there were always quite a lot of waves, and while it is clean from trash there is some vegetation floating in the water. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see what it was like when the waters were calm. Would recommend this beach for water sports.

I didn’t visit Silver Beach, which I read somewhere else should be very inviting with clearer water than Chaweng. Or maybe not, guess I’ll never know now.


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