Free Oslo travel app available and ready to use!

16 Mar

Visit Oslo launched a brand new app available for iPhone, iPad, and Adroid today! Tried to find something to see in Oslo nearby today, but everything closed at around 5 pm.
Me and Christina made our own list of attractions we want to see, and then “bumped” our phones… Personally, I think I will use this app a lot for dining in Oslo. You can very easily locate nearby cafe’s and restaurants by clicking on one butoon. Unfortunately this function did not work out for us today, as the place we eventually chose had not found its way to the app as of yet.

The restaurant Lal Qila (or is it “Den Røde Mølle” + Lal Qila?) is annewly opened Indian-Pakistani restaurant, originally a pizzeria since the 70’s named only “Den Røde Mølle”; re-opened in january 2012 with a new name and a new concept, as well as new owners.

The atmosphere and interior is still the same; romantic and classy. The tables are very well decorated, and the lighting is dimmed.

The place was under staffed tonight; we waited for about 30 minutes to order. We decided on today’s special; curry chicken (99 NOK). It was OK. Nice chicken, but taste was bland. The rice was tasteless, and the nan would have been too if it hadn’t been for the garlic topping. I’m glad I tried it out, but I liked the wine better than the food. I wouldn’t go here again as I think there are better choices in the same area, nor am I a great fan of this type of cuisine. I should also mention that the menu did have a lot of tempting dishes to choose from, prices for main dishes about 150 – 180 NOK.


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